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2019/20 Accommodation Sorted?

2 January 2019

Have you sorted your accommodation for 2019/20 yet?

We have just a handful of properties left. 

We have 4 bed apartments on Ecclesall Road & a 5 bed house at Hunters Bar 

Check out the following links:

363a Ecclesall Road

369a Ecclesall Road

373a Ecclesall Road

32 Hunter House Road

Call us on 0114 2687222 for any further info

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Remaining Few

28 November 2018

Only a few days to go unti December and we only have a handful of properties left for 2019/20.

We have no 2 or 7 beds left

Just one 3 bed on Broom Street ideal for all Uni's as within a short walking distance

3 of our 4 beds, all on Ecclesall Road, role out of bed for Collegiate Campus

one 5 bed remaining on Broom Street, short walk to City Collegiate and Uni of Sheffield

and 2 of our 6's on William Street

Take a look through our website and call us today on 0114 2687222 to arrange a viewing

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Going Fast

16 November 2018

We are half way through November and we are already nearly 60% let with our Student Accommodation in Sheffield.

Have you sorted your group size and where are you want to live yet? If the answer is no we stringly recommend you sorting this ASAP. We are cram packed with viewings today and the weekend.

Don't miss out, take a look through our website and book your viewing today.

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Saving money as a student

29 October 2018

Juggling your money at university is tricky and takes some time to get the hang of it. Capland have compiled a few tips and tricks in order to make it slightly easier for you.

1)    Extra funding – its crucial to seek out all the extra funding you are entitled too beyond your student finance package. Check to see if you can get a grant or a bursary from your uni, and don’t leave it until you’ve already run out of money.

2)     Figure out a weekly budget – to do this, divide the number of weeks you are at uni by the total amount of money you have. Try and stick to this budget, but remember to plan for overspending for events such as birthdays or big nights out. If you exceed your budget one week, deduct however much you spent for the following week to keep on track. 

3)      Food – it’s easy to over spend on food if you don’t plan your meals or shopping. By planning your meals for the week and bringing a packed lunch into uni, you will end up saving a lot of money. 

4)      Find a job – although you may not be too keen to have a job alongside your studies, you can find jobs which are 0-hour contracts and fit nicely into you routine. Even working for a few hours a week can help you keep on top of your budget. 

5)      Overdraft – many students will have an overdraft at some point when they are at uni. Try to choose a student bank account which gets you the biggest and longest 0% overdraft you can. This will reduce many money problems you may encounter. However, it is tempting with an overdraft to spend more than you should, so you have to be careful with how you use your overdraft.

6) Transport  - a really simple way to save hundreds every year, is to walk more! The majority of student halls or houses will be in walking distance from lectures and seminars. If not, take the bus but check to see if they do a student deal. It’s also a great idea to get a 16-25 railcard, which will help you save a lot on train travel.


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Fridays Featured Capland Property

26 October 2018

Each Friday we showcase a Capland Featured Property and this week we have chosen........


This large, spacious, 6 bed property is in an ideal location to walk to the Uni Of Sheffield, Goodwin Sports Centre and The Hallamshire Hospital.

Local pubs like The Cobden, The Hallamshire House and The Corner House are just a few minutes walk away

All in All, a fantastic house to live in.

Call the office on 0114 2687222 to book a viewing 

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Landlord Awards 2018

25 October 2018

Tonight the Capland Team are attending The Sheffield City Council Landlord Awards 2018 where we have been shortlisted thanks to our Fantastic Tenants, old & New who have nominated us.

Last year we won The Outstanding Customer Service Award, lets hope we can make it 2 years in a row. Fingers Crossed 

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6 tips for choosing a student house

16 October 2018

It’s coming up to that time of the year where students must start thinking about their house for the next year. We’ve compiled some tips to make the process a bit easier for you.

1) Start searching as early as possible – although October might seem like too early to start looking for a house for next July, the earlier you start looking, the better chance you have of getting the house you want!

2)  Make sure to choose the right people – remember you have to live with these people for a whole year. If you’re stuck with people who you don’t get on with, it will make your university experience a whole lot worse. 

3)  Take time to look round a few houses – don’t instantly sign for the first house you see. Try and see a few over the space of a few days so you get a good idea of which house would be right for you and your friends. 

4)  Decide a budget for rent – decide amongst your house of how much you are prepared to spend per week, excluding bills. You can then refine your search depending on this budget.

5) Ask the current tenants and landlord questions – put together a list of questions to ask to get the best feel of the house. Questions about parking, if the property have any history of dampness, fire and carbon monoxide alarms and what will be required to get full deposit back at end of contract.

6)Go to the housing fairs – these give you a real opportunity to talk to landlords, ask any questions, see photos of available houses and arrange viewings. They usually take place in November and are definitely worth it!

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6 tips for staying organised at University

12 October 2018

 Although term has only just started, it’s important to be organised with university work from the beginning in order to prevent it all piling up. Getting yourself organised early will save you a whole lot of stress, time and money! 

1    Get enough sleep – Possibly the most important tip, but also the trickiest to stick too. We know it’s never possible to get a full eight hours every night when at university, but you will never feel on top of things when you’ve only had a few hours’ sleep every night. 

2)    Make the most out of the university library – While it may seem like a good idea to work from home, from the comfort of your own bed, it probably isn’t. University libraries are full of resources, silent study and are much less likely to be distracted by housemates and social media. 

3)    Buy a planner / journal – Although it may seem outdated to have a diary these days, as everyone tends to use their phones, it really does help with staying on top of deadlines alongside your personal life. You can use a diary to create weekly or monthly timetables, put reminder messages of upcoming deadlines and even create weekly money trackers.

4)    Test out apps and websites – There are hundreds of different apps and websites which are created in order to help you with staying organised. Some of our favourites include StudyBlue, an app which uses your course information to create a set of revision cards, Exam Countdown which keeps track of the days until each of your exams and Alarmy, which is an app meant for students who struggle to wake up early; the app requires users to complete small tasks before it turns off.

5)    Use a stopwatch or timer – When working, turn your phone on aeroplane mode, remove any other distractions from where you are working and set a timer for 30- or 40-minute blocks, followed by a 10 to 15-minute break. 

6)    Reward yourself – If you don’t reward yourself for hard work, you’ll find it tricky to stay motivated. Plan your rewards around your work, meaning you’ll have something to look forward to after finishing the task in hand. It could be anything from ordering a takeaway to going out to the pub with friends.

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Days Out in Sheffield

4 October 2018

Botanical gardens – The Botanical Gardens are situated off Ecclesall Road, with 5,000 species of plants in 19 acres of land. There are art exhibitions, plant shows as well as plant sales which take place throughout the year.

Days out in Sheffield…

It’s easy to forget as a student that there are things to do while at University which don’t involve drinking. So we’ve compiled a list of great days out in Sheffield which you and your friends can enjoy.


‘The Great Escape’ – The Great Escape Game is a new and exciting live escape room, in which as a team you must search for clues to solve a series of intricate puzzles. There is several different rooms to choose from, which are suitable for up to nine people!


The Peaks – Just a 20 minute bus journey away, are the peaks. With several different walks, from beginners to advanced level, it is a great way to get some exercise and burn off the previous nights beers!


The Showroom Cinema – Situated near the train station, the Showroom Cinema is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. There is a café and bar, in which you can take your drinks inside to the screening, and students get discounted tickets at £4.50. As a birthday treat from Showroom they give you a free cinema ticket in your birthday month!


Meadowhall – with over 280 shops in Meadowhall, everyone can find something that appeals to them. Easily accessible to from trams and buses and many of the shops offering student discount. Meadowhall also hold a student night on October 5th with further student discount.



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Ecclesall Road Best Finds

21 September 2018

5 great finds on Ecclesall Road:

With many of our Sheffield Hallam students living on and around Ecclesall Road, we decided it would be useful for them to read about our recommendations of places to eat and pubs to visit on Ecclesall Road.


The Beer House – this pub was voted the best new bar of 2015 and shortlisted for best traditional pub 2016. Great beers, nice friendly atmosphere and prices perfect for students.


·         Ella’s Café – Ella’s café has a vast range of dishes, serving delicious brunch to Georgian style dinner. The food is fresh, the staff very friendly and attentive and all at a very reasonable price.

 Nonna’s – an authentic and classic Italian restaurant, perfect for a special Saturday night dinner or even to just go for a cocktail!


The Nursery Tavern – this pub is the most student friendly pub you’ll find, with all drinks on Mondays being only £1.5! Not only that, but there is 2 for 1 cocktails all day every day and buy one get one free on all burgers Monday to Friday. What more could you want?


 Porter Pizza – Just off Ecclesall Road on Sharrow Vale Road is a hidden gem. Porter Pizza make wood fried pizzas with all fresh ingredients for a great prize. The toppings available are endless and they also do a lunchtime deal at a really good value. Without a doubt the best pizza in Sheffield!




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